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Gender, Crime & Jewellery Design | Tuesday 7th March – Thursday 9th March

We will be hosting an exhibition of thought provoking jewellery from level 5 BA (hons) Jewellery Design and Related Products students in collaboration with students from the Criminology degree programme, Birmingham City University from Tuesday 7th March – Thursday 9th March 2017

They write ‘Do masculinity or femininity, virility or fertility hold equal weight on the scales of Lady Justice? Does the homogeneity of the human species breaks down when it comes to criminal behaviour? Criminologist and Jewellery designers pick apart the age old question of whether gender is all too relevant in violence statistics.

Gender Crime and Jewellery Design student exhibition hosted by Vittoria Street Gallery

The exhibition will attempt to reveal why people target their victims by preying on other inequalities including age, sexuality and social class, and the gendered excuses for violence and abuse. Featuring insight into male cultures within prisons, an epidemic of female arson, the widespread misconception of being ‘’presumed guilty’’ or ‘’guiltier’’, a collection of evidence accompanied by narrative in direct response to The Brock Turner Case and the judicial tendency of blaming victims’

‘This exhibition promises to be one that will challenge your perceptions of issues around personal crime. Produced in collaboration with students from BCU Criminology Degree programme, the Second year BA Degree Jewellery  students have responded to Criminology texts in order to produce a range of thought provoking work questioning social boundaries and less comfortable issues around gender and crime. Definitely a show to view’ 
 Beaulagh Brooks – programme leader for  BA Hons Jewellery Design and Related Products

If you are of a mind that challenges the status quo or are simply interested in creative design, join us at the Vittoria Street Gallery for an evening of discussion and critique on the topic of gender & crime. Please join us from 6-8PM on Tuesday 7th March for the private view of this exciting exhibition.



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