20:20 Visions

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20:20 Visions | Monday 11th September to Friday 20th October 2017 | 10am – 4pm

The Vittoria Street Gallery is delighted to host 20:20 Visions which celebrates twenty years’ work from the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. 20:20 Visions shows the best of the new jewellery and conveys progression in design and techniques over the last twenty years.

The exhibition is in two parts


Twenty of our most prominent and innovative members have been invited to show work from c1997 alongside a new piece.

The twenty invited guests are:

Jane Adam, Holly Belsher, Stephen Bottomley, Caroline Broadhead, Norman Cherry          Jack Cunningham, Susan Cross, Joel Degen, Maria Hanson, Jan Hinchliffe McCutcheon, Dorothy Hogg, Terry Hunt, Daphne Krinos, Jacqueline Mina, Adam Paxon, David Poston, Ann Marie Shillito, Jessica Turrell, Christoph Zellweger, Frances Julie Whitelaw

These have been Founder Members, Chair or Board members, and include many of the most respected British jewellers of the 21st century

Caroline Broadhead - Association for Contemporary Jewellery 20:20 visions at Vittoria Street Gallery, School of Jewellery


The second part of the exhibition shows a selection of the best work from 31 current members, juried by our Panel: Kath Libbert, respected gallerist, Peter Taylor, Director of the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Rebecca van Rooijen, Editor of Benchpeg newsletter, and respected jeweller John Moore.

This part of the exhibition will show the full breadth of materials and techniques being used in cutting edge jewellery.  ACJ currently numbers some 500 members. Here is a selection of the best of their current work with materials ranging from paper, plastics and mixed media to gold, silver, copper, brass, titanium, aluminium, found objects and electronics. New technologies and techniques sit with traditional methods of construction.

All of the pieces are wearable, however the scale covers the miniscule to the majestic. Conceptual work contrasts with the purely decorative, and all the pieces are made to the highest standards

The 31 members selected by the panel:

Dauvit Alexander, Kate Bajic, Hendrike Barz-Meltzer, Jessica Briggs, Toby Cotterill, Karen Dell’Armi, Amanda Denison, Gail Ferriman, Gill Forsbrook, Irmgard Frauscher , Anne Havel (USA) Joanne Haywood, Susi Hines, Courtney Hyland, Christine Johnson Stephanie Johnson, Emily Kidson, Loveness Lee, Katy Luxton, Fritz Maierhofer (Austria) , Lieta Marziali, Jo McAllister, Annamária Mikulik (Slovakia) Jane Moore, Jo Pudelko, Zoe Robertson, Louise Seijen ten Hoorn, Elizabeth Shaw (Australia) Rebecca Skeels, Anne Walker, Anastasia Young


Talking Practice and Vittoria Street Gallery are teaming up again to celebrate the Association for Contemporary Jewellers’ exhibition – 20:20 Visions. On Thursday 5 October, ACJ Chair, Terry Hunt, will be in conversation with two of the featured artists, Stephen Bottomley and Emily Kidson; after this, we’ll welcome visitors to the gallery and toast the success of the show with a glass of wine – do join us.

Key times:

  • 5-6pm – Terry Hunt, in conversation with Stephen Bottomley and Emily Kidson (lecture theatre)
  • 6-8pm – Opportunity to view the show, meet ACJ artists and members and enjoy a glass of wine in the Vittoria Street Gallery

Book your ticket HERE

The catalogue is priced £5 + £2.00 p+p from enquiries@acj.org.uk

Christop Zellweger - Association for Contemporary Jewellery 20:20 visions at Vittoria Street Gallery, School of Jewellery

About ACJ:

Mooted in 1996 at the Jewellers’ Exchange conference, ACJ was formalised in 1997 to promote the art-form, to support the makers, to delight and inform the collectors, curators, gallerists, educators and all those interested in jewellery.

ACJ has a record of excellent and exciting exhibitions. A new series of annual member’s exhibitions started in 2012 with Diamond Jubilee, STAIN-LESS in 2013, ICONS in 2014 and Sleight of Hand in 2015.

Our exhibitions have all been juried to very high standards, showing the panoply of modern techniques, responding to the themes with imagination, wit and panache.

For more information visit  www.acj.org.uk

Association for Contemporary Jewellery 20:20 visions at Vittoria Street Gallery