by Dr Steve McCabe, Associate Professor at Birmingham City University’s Business School

The UK has had a torrid time at Eurovision in recent years. There is good evidence that other countries have something of an agenda against the UK and seem to delight in awarding us as few points (or none at all) as possible.

But this year is the first since the referendum in which, narrowly, we voted to leave the EU. Our reputation among those countries who used to consider us as partners is now apparently tarnished by the belief that we are no longer part of the dream that was a ‘United States of Europe’.

Therefore, it might be suggested, the Eurovision Song Context this year represents an opportunity to exact a little bit of trivial revenge.

I cannot see Prime Minister Theresa May losing any sleep but, I fear, we may see even more nul points being awarded to the UK than would be expected. If so, it certainly will not make for an edifying experience for those who watch the contest in the hope that the UK may win.

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