by Alison Edwards, senior lecturer in Midwifery at Birmingham City University

For celebrities, a pregnancy often brings additional press coverage and attention whether wanted or not; and as a consequence celebrity babies can become a key focus for the media.

Any pregnancy is a special event, but expecting twins as Beyoncé is, can make this twice as interesting for fans and celebrity followers.

For an existing child, directing the media focus away from them could be seen as a good thing and the excitement of expecting a new brother or sister (though often short-lived after they are born) can deflect any concerns of no longer being the focus of everyone’s attention.

Having newly found privacy to grow and develop as other children would, for most would be a good thing. However, there is also a potential here for the change of focus to lead to feelings of resentment as they are no longer in the limelight or have their parents just to themselves, especially if Beyoncé wishes to breastfeed her twins.

First born siblings can at times become jealous of newborns due to the need to share affection with their parents. With additional demands placed on Beyoncé which can take her away from her family for long periods of time, the impact on Blue Ivy could be significant.

There is little doubt that Beyoncé has the means to ensure her children are catered for and their needs are met, but at the end of the day she is a mother and will need to ensure that she provides quality time with all of her offspring at every opportunity.

Image credit – Instagram / @Beyonce

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