by Jon Yorke, Professor of Human Rights at Birmingham City University

On Tuesday 29 November, I’ll be hosting a special event which uncovers the failure of Oklahoma’s capital judicial system and reveals the barbarity of the state’s use of lethal injection.

Following the construction of a state-of-the-art death chamber and an amended execution protocol to provide an efficient process to put inmates to death, Oklahoma is still causing torturous executions and its litigation procedures have ensured that even in the presence of overwhelming evidence of a wrongful conviction, the state is still striving to kill an innocent man.

At the event the damning failure of Oklahoma’s capital judicial system will be revealed, as well as the Oklahoma State Penitentiary’s use of pharmacology which enhances pain, the negligence of Oklahoma pharmacists sending the wrong drugs to the prison, and the use of physics and quantum mechanics to demonstrate the inhumanity of the state’s execution regime.

A post-event Q&A will be chaired by Legal 500 award-winning Barrister, Jo Cecil, from Garden Court Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. My brother Aaron Yorke, a musician, will also be there, singing a song called “Lion” from his new album!

Head of our School of Law, Professor Sue Rivers, will close the event and it’ll be opened by Professor Keith Horton, Executive Dean of our Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences. Hope to see you there! The event runs from 6pm until 7.30pm and you can register for free here.


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