Start studying with us in September and you can get up to £4,000 in grants and scholarships. Here we ask the question* – exactly what could you buy with £4,000 (* and give some very light hearted answers)?

10 laptops

Laptop on a office desk
That’s enough to have one each for studying, checking Facebook, watching Netflix and Skyping your mum. You’ll still have six leftover in case you accidentally spill your coffee on them (we’ve all been there).



6 lap dogs

Puppyinstagram blogNot quite as useful as a laptop but think of all the cuddles, playtime and cute pics you’ll take. And you’ll always have an excuse if your dog ate your coursework! But seriously, remember a dog is for life so think hard on this one.



Food for 2 years

food social Whether you love indulging in pizzas and burgers, or love an avocado smoothie, you’ll be able to buy enough food to last you until your third year. Expect housemate envy when they’re tucking into a pot noodle.



8,000 chocolate eggs

Chocolate easter eggCaramel filled, mousse filled or just the shell you can’t beat a chocolate egg. We’re not saying it is the healthiest choice but it’s nearly Easter and who says you’ll eat them all yourself (We’ll gladly take some off your hands – milk chocolate, of course).



1 year’s rent (almost)

AccommodationThis financially sensible option is sure to please your dad. Bring on living away from home, flat parties and seeing your housemates become your friends for life. We’d of course be wrong if we didn’t plug our own accommodation at this point!



600 cinema trips

pop corn on armchair cinemaFrom Star Wars and Zoolander to Kung Fu Panda, you could use the cash to treat your self to see the latest blockbusters. And whether you’re going on a first date or a night out with mates, with that many tickets you can see them all.



9 flying drones

drone Instagram If you love technology, a flying drone with a camera could take some awesome aerial photography around campus. Don’t say we didn’t tell you that going to uni will give you a new perspective on the world.



16 mobile phones

Mobile phone instagramNew mobile phones would be really useful to start first year, we heard Kim Kardashian has three, but 16 is just silly. Unless you’re prone to losing yours on a night out, dropping it down the loo or cracking the screen.  On second thoughts, if you’re anything like us, maybe a few spares isn’t a bad idea afterall…



However you spend it, you’ll need to act fast and make us your first choice by 4 May.

Find out how you can get up to £4,000 in grants and scholarships.

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