Alison Rapsey, Course Director, BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University

Preparing yourself for an interview starts within – if you feel in control and empowered then that will show in your external communication, but get the outside right first!

Clothes are the perfect way to make you feel the part. Think how that sexy little black dress or that sharp designer suit makes you feel on a night out – then think the same about your outfit to be in control in front of a Dragons Den style interview panel.

Be mindful of what you are being interviewed for and dress to match. A pinstripe suit and crisp shirt is fine for an accountancy or law firm but not for a visual merchandising job at Topshop.

For the fashion and creative sectors, dress smart but show an awareness of fashion – how about a dress with a bling accessory or a suit but with an open shirt or casual top?

Be comfortable but feel empowered. Take time over what to wear, don’t just pluck something from the wardrobe the night before and risk spotting a curry stain two minutes before leaving the house!

Ensure everything is ironed and don’t wear anything that you know annoys you like an itchy collar, jewellery that rattles or a dress or trousers that are too short. A jacket is always advisable but leave the jeans at home.

For shoes ladies, don’t wear the four inch heels – try something lower and guys, make sure yours are polished and remember to remove stickers from the soles.

Details count and will be noticed, so have a final check that nail varnish isn’t chipped, make-up isn’t smudged, fake tan isn’t blotchy and that perfume or aftershave isn’t too overpowering.

And last but not least wear a smile!

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Alison Rapsey

Alison Rapsey

Course Director Fashion Retail Management