Panic, stress, confusion, worry, helplessness, excitement and happiness – these are just some of the emotions you’ll go through on results day. It can be an emotional time, but whatever your emotions, you’re not alone.

Clearing, simply explained, is just another route into university! Whether that’s because you weren’t planning to go in the first place, have changed your mind on your current choices or just didn’t quite get the grades for your first choice.

It might sound scary or confusing but it really isn’t. Student Rumbidzai came to BCU through Clearing. In her blog she shares her story and the things she wished she’d have known beforehand…

I was camping with some friends so I went into my friend’s car to be alone so I could check my results. When I opened the envelope, my heart sunk and I was literally speechless. My results were worse than I expected.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. What would I tell my family and friends? At that point, I felt helpless and lonely.

Looking back I wish I had heard different experiences about what happens during Clearing. Not just the practical side such as the process of calling different universities, but the emotional side and how individuals feel in the situation.

Our Clearing Hotline will open at 7am on Thursday 13 August. We’ll be wide awake and ready for you to give us a call on 0121 331 6777. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BCUclearing for advice and updates.

During Clearing, I called three universities altogether. Whilst I was on the phone to the second university, they told me I had been accepted. I was rejoicing! The man on the line then asked me to hold and less than a minute later he returned to tell me that he had to withdraw the offer. My heart was broken.


The next phone call lasted less than five minutes and I was accepted with no complications.

Right now I am leaving university with a 2:1 in Psychology. Clearing can be a difficult process but so are many things in life. Once you’re through it, you forget about the hassle that you went through and prepare to enjoy life as a student.

Clearing may not be for everyone but it worked for me and I truly believe that I’m happier now than I would have been if I had gone to my first choice university. If you haven’t got the grades you hoped for, you still have the opportunity to excel in education. There is a university out there for you!

 Here are some of my top Clearing tips to help you on the day:

  1. Don’t panic!
  1. The people that you speak to on the phone are there to help you.
  1. If you’re thinking of choosing a new course, find out what the course consists of BEFORE you apply – do your research.
  1. After you get your results, take some time out to gather your thoughts.

If your exam results aren’t as good as you expected remember to keep calm; the right course for you may still be out there. There’s a good chance that you will be able to secure a place at university through Clearing. See how we can help.

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