Panic, stress, confusion, worry, helplessness, excitement and happiness – these are just some of the emotions you’ll go through on results day. It can be an emotional time, but whatever your emotions, you’re not alone.

Clearing, simply explained, is just another route into university! Whether that’s because you weren’t planning to go in the first place, have changed your mind on your current choices or just didn’t quite get the grades for your first choice.

It might sound scary or confusing but it really isn’t. Student Charmaine came to Birmingham City University through Clearing. In her blog she shares her story and how one phone call changed her life…

IMAGE_CharmaineSo this is my story. The start of my story is like many before and many to come. At the beginning of my A-level’s, I had decided to take a ‘gap year’ (the universal term used by students meaning that I had no clue what the future held for me after results day). The year passed and I watched my friends apply for student finance, stress over writing their personal statement and apply for UCAS.

Then exams began.

After exams ended, results day loomed.

The day of judgement was here but I was weirdly calm; that ‘calm before the storm’ feeling, and shared awkward, almost numb laughs with my friends as we walked towards the school. As I walked towards the table that held my results I felt a fear that most students, past and present, can relate to. A sinking nervousness filled me as I opened my envelope. Then happiness, happiness as I realised I had passed! Then frustrated tears, shared with my mum and my friends, as I knew I could have done so much better. When the tears dried up I faced the question that thousands across the country faced: “what next?”

This is where my story differs to so many out there. With no idea what route to follow I turned to my teachers for advice. The response was unanimous: go through Clearing. At first I was confused. I had always thought Clearing was for students who had applied for university late or had not got into their chosen university. I was going to find out that this was far from the truth. With the encouragement of my schools English department (shout out to the amazing teachers at Wallingford School) and my friends and family, I decided to apply to university.

It’s going to be emotional but that’s why we’re here … Our Clearing Hotline will open at 7am on Thursday 13 August. You can get in touch by calling us on 0121 331 6777 or follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BCUclearing

I sat with my English teacher and went through the potential universities that I could apply to, checking grade boundaries and looking through their websites. We then wrote down the phone numbers and went to the English department’s office. Whilst waiting for the Clearing phone lines to open, I ran through a practise phone call with my teacher. I was now ready. I ultimately called five universities and was offered a place by all of them. Now it was time for me to choose. Running through the pros and cons of each university I finally chose Birmingham City University and applied through UCAS. Results day was frantic but I wouldn’t change a thing. Looking back now it seems unreal.

One day changed my life forever. One day, one phone call, one university.

As cheesy as it sounds Clearing will change everything; one phone call to a university could change your life forever. It is a vital lifeline for those who hadn’t considered university before results day, those whose results were not what they expected and those who got rejected by their chosen universities. If you get your results and face the prospect of Clearing, go for it. If you want something enough you will fight for it, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try. You have nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain.

Selfridges in Birmingham

So why did I choose Birmingham City University? Birmingham is a city with so much potential. It has beautiful areas, amazing architecture, great nightlife and impressive educational facilities – which are useful for university! The staff at Birmingham City University are all extremely helpful and always polite and friendly. The School of English (my chosen course) had good reviews and ratings, and when I went to the Clearing Open Day their passion for their subject was clear. They answered any questions I had with a vigour that was refreshing and appealing. Also there was a Costa on campus meaning early morning lectures seemed so much more bearable!

The university is modern and with the introduction of the Curzon Building, makes a beautiful addition to a thriving city.

This year has been one of the best years of my life. I have met amazing people, made friends that I couldn’t survive without and had experiences that will last a lifetime. I am doing a course that I love taught by tutors who care and who push me to produce the work that I am capable of. We all deserve the chance to be the best that we can be. So why would you throw that away by not making that phone call?

Believe in yourself. Go for It. Good luck!

If you get your results and you face the prospect of Clearing here are my five top tips:

  1. If you get rejected by your chosen universities call them. There is still a chance you can get in during Clearing.
  2. Go onto UCAS and look at available courses.
  3. Be confident. When going through clearing use the motto ‘no regrets’. What have you got to lose? There are thousands who go through Clearing every year: thousands who find themselves in the same situation. So you need to ‘sell’ yourself in the phone call. The phone call that you make can be viewed as a Clearing version of a personal statement meaning you need to make them believe you want this more than anything, more than anyone. Sound confident and interested. Be polite but engaging, those working the Clearing phone lines will talk to thousands of students so be refreshing.
  4. Surround yourself with your family and friends. This is absolutely essential. I truly believe that when going through Clearing you shouldn’t do it alone. I believe in this so much that I am travelling over 100 miles to stand beside two of my friends (who are retaking) as they get their results.
  5. Don’t waste time. The quicker you act the better.
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