International student and one of our #BCUstudents Maria, will be ending her BCU journey soon (sobs). In her blog post, she looks back at her journey and time at Birmingham City University…

Time flies when you have so much fun and before you know it, it’s your last year at university. I can’t believe that pretty soon I will be graduating and on my way to become a journalist with a masters in Television Production.

Last year, I decided to start applying to do a masters and to attend open days. Originally from Cyprus, I knew I wanted to continue my studies in England but it was a matter of choosing a good course that would help me develop my skills than the location.

After visiting Birmingham City University at one of the open days; exploring the facilities and speaking to some of the lecturers, I was 100% sure that this university would give me the knowledge and experience I was looking for.

The good thing was that I already knew Birmingham since I did my undergraduate degree in the West Midlands so I was familiar with the city. I like Birmingham. It is much friendlier than London and luckily for me, I found the course that would help me with my career.

There are so many amazing benefits of studying abroad. You have the opportunity to meet people from other countries which makes studying in the UK a great experience. In addition to the education you receive, it’s also a ton of fun to be in a foreign country and catching a glimpse of a new culture- even if it’s only for a short time. It truly opens your eyes to how much there is to explore in the world. However, International students will face challenges such as having no family to visit in the UK.

Living alone or in student accommodation can make you grow, I feel it’s made me grow into a more independent person and it has completely changed my perspective on life. It’s different living with people you don’t know and to share things but it is worth it! I’m an only child so I didn’t have any siblings to share my things with and it meant my house wasn’t as noisy! Living with other students helped me and taught me how to share and to be more open to people.

Through my experience of studying abroad, I’ve learned to wait for other people to do things for me but to stand on my own feet. Also, not to care so much about people think about me – if people like me for what or who I am then that’s great but if not then that isn’t a big deal. You can’t get along with everyone.

From exploring new places to eat to hanging out with my friends, studying abroad has had it all. In that short space of time, I have a laughed a lot, cried a little and went from a naive girl to an independent woman.

I now only have two months left at Birmingham City University and then I will become a job hunter (fingers crossed I find one!). I will never forget what BCU has taught me. The uni life is one of the most important experiences for a student. Especially if the university is as good as BCU…

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