Alice Brown was on location at the Old Truman Brewery in London to blog about the BCU catwalk show for Graduate Fashion Week.

GFW15 Catwalk 3.1

Backstage at GFW

Having worked backstage for our uni before, I notice that it is a lot calmer than I have seen it in the past. Without a doubt the students participating in the show are not so calm on the inside, but on the outside it is all fairly serene back here. I would imagine it may be something to do with how utterly exhausted my friends/fellow classmates are after the countless hours of work they have put in and very, very few hours of sleep they’ve had. I also know that will change as soon as the models start walking.
Backstage friends and tutors were busy pressing, steaming and generally prepping for the looming 18:30 start time. The university has become so highly esteemed at GFW, that it sells out with people queueing from as early as 17:00. Now if that doesn’t give you an impression of how talented these graduates are and what is expected from them, nothing will!
“I take my front row seat and wait for the show to begin…”
All the collections were phenomenal and I only wish I had at least one ‘perfect’ image of every collection. In hindsight, I know that it was a little ambitious to attempt social media on my phone, whilst trying to manually set my DSLR to each collection shown as it came down the runway. I only realised last night how ‘on it’ you really need to be to catch everything before it heads off the catwalk again!
GFW15 Catwalk 3.8
The university had a total of 23 students showcase their collections on the catwalk this year. After speaking with one of the tutors, this was at least 3 more than the ideal and more than most other colleges show, but it was such a talented year they found it extremely tough to decide who would be selected. I wasn’t surprised in the slightest after catching those first glimpses of the collections backstage. It was not a decision I would like to make that’s for sure.
The quality and variety shown by my fellow students at Graduate Fashion Week was possibly the universities best year to date. Across women’s and menswear the students had used a wide-range of materials and techniques, creating collections that each told a completely unique story from the next. From Rob Renton’s all-white, sporty menswear to Anna Cammish’s ‘Simone Rocha-esque’, oversized bow-laden dresses, not a rock was left unturned by BCU students this GFW.
GFW15 Catwalk 2.3
Unfortunately I was not able to attend any other shows at GFW, so I can’t compare our school to the other colleges. I found the blogging and social media aspect of this weekend tiring, so I can only imagine how exhausted the graduates are! I managed to catch up with quite a lot of my old classmates and the overall feeling seemed to be of relief, a little sad and of course well and truly shattered!

Congratulations to all the graduates of BCU 2015!

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