By Rebekah Hill, Final year English and Creative Writing Student at Birmingham City University

rebekah-hillCurrently, I am the marketing assistant for the School of English at Birmingham City University. I am also a third year student, along with working part time…oh and I’m also doing a short part time editorial assistantship on the side! Life couldn’t be any more busy than it is for me right now, but don’t let it scare you. If I can do it, you definitely can!

The start of the year was rough, I had nothing but my degree and experience in retail and my panic to find something more in my field was slowly rising. With no idea what to do after University and a void of un-replied emails and applications for experience in anything to do with the creative industries, there finally seemed to be a glimmer of hope.

I didn’t know much about marketing at all until I came across the opportunity to become a marketing assistant through the University. In fact, you all probably know what not to do in an interview, which is to probably tell the interviewer you have no idea what they are talking about when they ask you about SEO’s, press releases and hashtags.

Well I have a confession to make…that is exactly what I did do!

I kept my pride aside and honestly expressed that I have no clue what these things are, but that is exactly the reason I applied. I wanted to learn something new, whilst also applying the skills I already have such as creative writing skills and my daily use of social media. Combine those things together and you’re set to market anything.

Although, it’s not always as simple as that. You may think anyone can market anything, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. There is a process of knowing your target audience and knowing what will steal them away from whatever it is they are doing for just one moment, and in that moment you engage them in an exciting and creative way. Filling their minds with opportunity and interesting information, not only to promote the company you work for but to maximise the sense of community you’re in. Marketing is the unspoken link between that ‘luxury hotel’ and you, the ‘guest’-it awakens you to so many more possibilities.

So what is a typical day like for me? Well…

rebekah-hill-maI’m usually in at around 8am, the administration office is usually empty. No one else is crazy enough to be in as early as I am.

Waiting for my laptop to load, I surround myself with notepads, my several to-do lists and scatter pens where I can grab them; an organised mess I like to think.

First up is checking emails. I usually have several conversations going on at any one time about several different marketing tasks that need doing or tasks I’m trying to find information about, or just to get approval for.

I also quickly find some relevant bits of news to feed through Twitter and Facebook. I try and do this as much as I can throughout the day and week to keep things in the school alive and engaging as much as possible!

Afterwards, I go through my check list and complete any articles that are ready for publication- following editing and approval from the top boss and my mentor.

I then place them onto the website in the School of English news feed awaiting submission by the web masters that deal with all things computer… this is a lot easier than it sounds by the way.

I take a breath and sit back to relax…or not. It is none stop. Everything must be kept relevant and current to the times so as soon as one task is done there is always another to keep you busy!

It’s then time to write up another couple of articles to be sent for editing and approval, and to hunt down images and permissions. As well as this, I’ll also help out organising events; from booking photographers to technical equipment.

After answering a few more emails, I grab my pen and notebook and run off to see what’s happening around the school… usually there are regular ICCWriting talks going on, lecturers organising events and shows that all need to be promoted and thrust into the limelight.

There really is never a dull moment in this job!

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