Isaac Paul is a first-year BA (Hons) English student at Birmingham City University’s School of English

One of the reasons that I chose the School of English at Birmingham City University as my first choice was because the School would be moving into a new building in my second year. It shows that the university is forward-thinking, innovative and has great aspirations for the future. So, when I was asked if I’d like to go on a tour of the new Curzon building, I couldn’t refuse.

Although the interior was half done, you could see that it was shaping out to be a great futuristic building. I think it is going to be a lot like the Parkside Building with its open-plan design. We didn’t get a chance to look at most of the ground floor, we could see a little of the new food court but sadly nothing of the new student union as that was being worked on at the time but we did get a look at the new Lecture Theatre on the ground floor, it is about the same size as the Parkside Lecture Theatre. The new Curzon Library which will be on the ground and first floors is going to be a lot like the Kenrick Library in design with plenty of study rooms around the edge on the first floor. Also, on the first floor will be the new ‘Student Hub’ which is a compilation of Student Services and the Centre of Academic Success. I know that the Business School and School of Law are going to be on the third floor and the School of English is going to be the fourth floor. The new Drama studio is going to be top of the range but sadly I didn’t get the chance to have a look. We currently have a common room in Baker building and it was one of the things that we wanted to have in the new building, so we were glad to hear that we are going to have two common rooms in Curzon. Finally, a positive of the new building is that our administrative staff will be moving to the same floor as the rest of us, making the School of English one big happy family.

There are going to be so many benefits from the Curzon Building, and not just aesthetically. Being right next door to Millennium Point and Parkside will create a real community-feel to the university by having most departments on one campus. It will make getting to the Student Union society meet-ups a lot easier. Being an English student, I have a love of books. And with the brand new Library of Birmingham just on the other side of the city centre, we will be much better placed to visit and to attend events held by the library. All in all, it’s going to be a very exciting time and an important moment in the history of Birmingham City University.

The 24,300m² Curzon Building is the second phase of our City Centre Campus expansion and is due to open to students in September 2015. It will become home to our Business, English, Law and Social Sciences students and will provide a student support hub as well as a new library, teaching and IT space, plus other student-facing facilities. More about the Curzon Building.

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