First Year Media & Communication Student Sophie Hack on why she’ll be voting in this year’s General Election 

scratch-politics-sophieYou may be getting sick and tired of what seems like the whole world nagging about how important it is to vote.

You may have only registered to skip the £80 fine. You may feel like your vote “doesn’t count” or that there’s “no point” in voting, or you may just simply be clueless as to who should get your vote.

With numerous parties with endless policies and manifestos, all changing with each debate, it’s impossible to keep up with who to vote for. No celebrity, friend or family can tell you your own political beliefs, and this is not a post telling you who should run this country.

I am, however, writing this to show how important it is to vote in this year’s election and why I’m doing just that.

Did you know that in the last election in 2010, 35 per cent of people did not vote? That’s 15.9 million people. Nearly 16 million people who thought their vote didn’t matter when parties have lost out on seats in parliament due to one vote.

We are the generation who matter and who will be affected hugely by those in power now. As we leave university we will be trying to find jobs and houses. We will be trying to start families (maybe) and pay our way in the world.

This means we need an economy, housing situation and taxes that we think are fair and beneficial. In our current economic situation it is harder than ever to get a job and a mortgage. It may not seem like it matters now, but these things will be a priority in a short number of years. We need someone in power who you agree with politically and who you think will run the country right.

I am a first year student who wants a competitive job in journalism. I come from a working class background and believe the country’s priority are health, housing and the economy. I strongly agree with a party who is not in power now, and the only way to change things is by ticking a box.

It takes a small part out of your day to go to a polling station or to post your vote, but that in turn can completely change how the country is run. Every vote counts, and that is why I am voting on May the 7th.

Struggling with who to vote for? Check out the Guardian’s quick survey to show which policies matter to you, or for the full manifestos of each party, visit the BBC website.

Which party will you be voting for? Cast your vote in our Facebook poll

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