If there is one word to describe the weather in the UK then it is ‘unpredictable’. As we’ve experienced this year already, one minute the sun can be shining and the next you’re caught in a thunderstorm. 

But it’s not always wet and windy! When the sun shines in the UK, boy does it shine. So if you’re coming to study here in Birmingham and not sure what to pack, check out International student Anu Yusuf’s top tips on how to be prepared for the unpredictable British weather…

Winter in the UK

If you want to enjoy winter in the UK, make sure you bring thick thermals, coats or anything warm you can lay your hands on. You would want to wear layers of clothes during winter even indoors but not to worry, most buildings have central heating so you will feel comfortable especially on campus; it may get so warm and comfortable that you would dread walking to the bus/train station to get home! Besides that, most private homes also have central heating which is turned on early in the morning and late at night (to save costs) but it varies in each home.

You can be prepared for those times when the heating would be off by using hot water bottles to keep warm. They last for around 6 hours before growing cold so they are a good investment. You can buy hot water bottles from most stores in Birmingham or online for under £10.

You shouldn’t worry too much about the snow, it’s not very common in Birmingham but when it does fall, it only lasts for a few hours before melting (as far as I know). Although you would be wise to put on footwear with grips to avoid slipping.

True to the saying, it does rain quite a bit in the UK especially in the winter months. I would definitely buy an umbrella and keep it with you- you’ll never know when you’re going to need it!

Summertime in the UK

Summer is lovely here in the UK, if you ignore the rain you would actually enjoy it! The grass gets greener, no more study time, no lectures/seminars to attend…just the pure bliss of a sunny holiday.

Be sure to wear something warm in the evenings during the summer months so you won’t be caught off-guard; carrying an umbrella would be very clever even if it looks like a fine day.

Clothing can be bought very cheaply here in the UK and luckily for BCU students, we’re surrounded by shops in the City Centre. Many of the shops in the Bullring accept the NUS card which means you can get up to 20% off student discount in most stores. So if you can’t get what you need in your country, don’t worry you can always buy it here in Birmingham.

Whatever the weather, follow my top tips and you’ll be prepared come rain or shine! 

We welcome many international students every year – there are currently students from more than 80 countries among our student community. If you’re joining us at Birmingham City University in September or if you want to find out more about studying here in the UK then visit our International section on our website for more information.


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