Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Some of you may find it a day to be soppy and romantic and for others it’s a day to crawl up in bed and avoid. But what if you’re in a long distance relationship on V day?

Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain but also worth while if you stick by one another. If you or your partner are living far apart from each other and wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day or at any other time of the year here, are some top tips from first year Children and Integrated Professional Care student Hannah Stephens:

Take advantage of the Internet!

The internet is an amazing facility to have, so why not use it?! Facetime, Skype, Snapchat, play games, SMS each other as little or often as you like. You can do almost anything on the Internet so be silly (but careful) and creative whilst talking to that special someone. The Internet is everywhere! You can have access to it on your phone, tablets, laptops and computers so you will never be short of conversation.

Keep a positive attitude

Even though you may be miles away from your partner always stay positive and happy that you are emotionally attached to them. By being unhappy, it can cause strain in the relationship, so make sure you talk openly about your feelings and resolve the reason why you were upset. Communication really is the key in keeping a positive attitude, so encourage talking to one another about anything you may feel you need to talk about.

Make arrangements

By arranging a date to see one another can give you both something to look forward to in the near future. The arrangement can be anything from shopping, cinema, ice-skating or jumping out of a plane (whatever the two of you are interested in!). Plans can increase your anticipation to see each other, which builds excitement. There are plenty of places to visit in Birmingham so take your pick! Check out the Birmingham City University website for inspiration so that you can enjoy a lovey dovey day with your partner whilst having fun in the city.

Keep each other updated on events

By keeping each other up to date with events that are happening at university, home, friends and family can make you and your partner feel involved in your life even though you are apart from each other. This makes each other feel like they still have a strong role in your life even though they are not with you physically.

Surprise one another

Surprise each other! Get their address so that if you see something that reminds you of your partner or have seen something that your partner mentioned in your last conversation- send it to them. It’s always a nice surprise to receive a letter or parcel through the post. It shows that you always think about your partner and take an interest in what they like or want. Send them anything; books, love notes, photos or their favourite sweets and chocolates (Just make sure you wrap them up properly so everything arrives intact!)

Understand each other

Although it would be great to talk to your partner all the time that won’t always be the case. Try to understand that your partner may be busy during certain hours of the day due to work, school, university or because they are socialising with their friends. By being considerate, it will cause fewer arguments and a stronger relationship between the two.

Are you currently in a long distance relationship? Or are you worried about how starting university in September will affect your current relationship? Talk to your partner about these tips and consider how you both could work together in order to maintain your relationship.


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