BCU Marketing, Advertising and PR graduate and Birmingham City University’s Press Officer Rumandeep Gill reminisces about her big day back in 2012… 

Without a doubt Graduation was one of my proudest days. Having being the non-sporty, non-entrepreneurial one out of my siblings there hadn’t been many days up until then when the spotlight was beamed down onto my achievements. It was really surreal…having a day all about me, you kind of forget that you are sharing the day with hundreds of other graduates and to you and your family that day is all about YOU!

Having never been that into fashion I found myself in the weeks leading up to the ceremony panicking about what I was going to wear- it didn’t help that all my course buddies were in the same kind of panic as me. My robes were going to be navy blue with a gold (yellow) trim, so my main question was….what on earth do you wear with navy blue?! In case you’re wondering, I went with black, as you can never go wrong with black. I was disappointed (and secretly relieved) to discover on the day that the robes pretty much cover your whole outfit. It’s just as well, as finding a simple LBD was not as easy as I thought!

So the day rolled around and with my whole family finally confirming their attendance to my morning ceremony my first thought was “my family are going to make me late!” The buzz upon entering the ICC, seeing all the beaming graduates and proud parents is so special- it’s a really warm fuzzy feeling to be a part of and I felt really happy that I could give that moment to my family. I’m not sure if everyone feels like this but the most memorable part for me was walking out of the robing room and my family seeing me in my graduation robes for the first time….it was a really odd moment where my brothers didn’t know whether to hug me or roll around on the floor laughing at the over-sized tent I had draped on my shoulders. Needless to say, the excitement allowed me to get over my initial annoyance at having left my heels and camera back at home.

The grandeur of BCU’s graduation ceremony is more than I ever expected: from the impressive Symphony Hall, the orchestra band and seeing my old lecturers on stage in various coloured robes, it was like a magical scene from Harry Potter. It was nice how each graduate got their moment on stage to accept their certificate; it was really interesting witness all the things each graduate did in this moment – from waving to family in the upper tiers, clapping two feet together in joy and even taking a selfie with the Lord Mayor! But when it came to my turn I’m ashamed to say that my legs were literally like jelly, I honestly don’t know what came over me! I kind of glanced to my parents but I pretty much darted across that stage as quick as you could say ‘graduate.’ I’m not disappointed in this, it was all a part of my experience and I have to say the lead up to the day and the celebrations after were what made the day for me.

Speaking of celebrations after… I think everyone has their own unique way of celebrating. For me, I was in a rush to get home and share the rest of the day with my Grandma and some of my nearest and dearest that couldn’t make it to the ceremony. On the way back home, with my family being made up mostly of ever-hungry boys, we made a sharp turn into Big Johns Takeaway…glamourous I know. So in we all went in our formal attire and had a 2-course meal in the fast food chain. To be honest, I couldn’t think of a more apt way to celebrate me graduating university than having lunch in the place that got me through some of those dark nights when deadlines loomed …

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