Chanae Humes, third-year LLB (Hons) Law with American Legal Studies.

Applications can be very daunting and long-winded, but to get that training contract or vacation scheme they have to be done! Worried that you have no idea where to start or what you should be looking for? Carry on reading for my top tips!

Know when the application deadlines are

Being aware of the opening dates and deadlines for applications is crucial. You don’t want to be cramming in loads of applications in the week of the deadlines. Leave that to the Christmas Eve rush hours and Boxing Day sales!

Leading up to deadlines, you want to be prepared and relaxed. LawCareers.Net is the perfect online database, which keeps you up to date on all the deadlines and the vacation or training contracts available. It also provides you with information on various firms, including entry requirements, practice areas and application methods.

Choosing the firms you want to apply to can be quite difficult, especially where there are so many to choose from! LawCareers.Net allows you to narrow your searches by the type of firm, such as commercial, niche or in-house. This saves plenty of time because it prevents you from having to read about every firm.

Who can apply?

Vacation and graduate schemes are targeted at penultimate year undergraduates and above. However, there are also many opportunities for first year undergraduates such as insight days and work placements for first years only. So, regardless of what stage you are at, there is something out there for you!

The question of who can apply will differ between firms. For example, many firms have minimum requirements for a 2:1 and a minimum set of A-levels. However there are firms which just focus on degree classifications. Make sure that you check the grade requirements before applying, because you don’t want to apply for a firm where you do not meet the criteria.

Don’t know where to start? – Research your firm

I have been told it is best to apply to a select amount of firms; around six to 10. This is because your applications are then likely to be of better quality. If you make 60 applications, the quality of your work decreases because you are unable to focus properly on each.

So you have chosen your six to 10 firms, but don’t know where to begin? Research your chosen firms, make sure that you are aware of their main practice areas, locations, etc. There are various sites available where there will be information on each of the firms such as the graduate recruitment website of the firm, Lex 100, Targetjobs, Ratemyplacement and many more. Your research will undoubtedly be reflected in your application, because the more you know about the firm the better your answers will be.

When completing your applications, get someone else to read over it, send it to your careers department or book an appointment with the careers adviser. There is so much internal and external support available. For example, Aspiring Solicitors pushes for diversity and provides students with amazing opportunities to network and gain legal experience. They also have many tips on CVs, applications and interviews.

Good luck with your applications!

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