Ibiboba Oyibo, from Nigeria, started the MBA International course at Birmingham City University in January 2014

Before coming to Birmingham, I had no notion of what to expect. All I knew was that it was a famous place, maybe because of Aston Villa Football Club, just maybe. I was excited to start my MBA International and meet new people, which I absolutely love. The first day of class was with mixed feelings. Who will my classmates be? Will they like me? Will we get along well? After missing my way several times (due to my terrible sense of geography), I finally made it to class and met, for the first time in my life, people from every part of the world. China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Nigeria, Japan! Phew! Everyone was there! I was having the best party ever!

So far, the course has been interesting. We have examined areas like leading and managing people, leading and managing change, international management, process management, international marketing, and entrepreneurship. These courses give you a first hand glimpse of what to expect when you go to work in other countries, what to prepare for, human resource issues, expatriate issues and marketing issues. We had to do presentations in most of our classes, using PowerPoint and working in groups. This has helped my presentation and people skills. People skills are very necessary at this stage as it involves working with a diverse team. The lecturers are very helpful and very patient too.

The best part of Birmingham is the city centre. I never will get past the feeling I have whenever I go to the Bullring – the feeling of excitement in my stomach. Sometimes, I just go there to watch the flock of people swirling in the Bullring and the other shops. The people are from everywhere, taking pictures of the Bull, taking pictures of themselves and taking pictures of everything. There is always something new to see and it makes me relish the feeling of living in this tourist spot. During summer, there were always companies giving out freebies in front of the Bullring. That was the highlight of my summer as I was always on the lookout for those free samples, ranging from make-up to sandwiches!

I love the never-ending line of restaurants in China town. I happened to stumble on an opening ceremony of a Chinese restaurant and it was like nothing I had ever seen. The music, dancing and fireworks were completely new. I love the indoor market, even if I’m still not used to the strong smell of fish that hits you when you step inside.

Birmingham has some famous spots that make me happy just being here. Spots like the Aston Villa football stadium and Cadbury World; these are destinations that I only dreamed of and then, all of a sudden, they are so close. Christmas is coming and the famous German market is open! I can’t wait to see how exciting it will be! There are Christmas decorations everywhere and the smell of Christmas is heavy in the air.

I love Birmingham and I’m quick to point that out to anyone who asks about life in this tourist spot. Birmingham City University makes learning a memorable one just by being here!

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