The Revd. Linda Isiorho, MA in Writing student at the School of English

Last summer I went along to the Postgraduate Open Event at Birmingham City University. After years of teaching, as well as functioning as a Church of England priest, I was looking for a retirement occupation that would be stimulating and productive. I had had a discussion with a theology academic about beginning the process of studying for a PhD, looking to explore my journey in the Church. Two days later, I was still crying so that obviously was not the way to go (read the book when it comes out!). I have always written copiously with a few very minor publications. Mostly I used to write for my students. It is hard to refuse to read something when it has been specially written for you. I began to explore the possibility of an MA in Writing.

Major Google session later, I discovered the MA in Writing practically on my doorstep. I swam through crowded rooms to find the English team. They were all very welcoming and encouraging. I did feel unusually nervous, especially because of my age. Not a problem, I was reassured. I spoke at length to several staff and then went home to reflect.

Loads more questions then surfaced so I emailed the course leader with quite a long list. I was impressed by the speed and the clarity of his reply.

What I liked about the course is that it takes a conservatoire approach with master classes and practical sessions. Students get visiting published writers as well as the course staff, all published themselves. The other students did not seem fazed by age, in fact, we are a mixed bunch from all age groups and all walks of life. As you might expect, we are a vocal, lively bunch which is great.

I am really glad I signed up and would strongly recommend this course despite the intricacies of changing from full time to part time. Only one thing really bothers me: what is a non-gender based alternative for ‘master class’?

Our next Postgraduate Open Event will be on Wednesday 19 November 2014, 2pm-7pm. Book your place now

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