Sophie Rowe, Student Academic Mentor at Birmingham City University

Thinking about studying in Higher Education, but don’t have a confirmed place? It’s not too late to start in the new academic year. Make the most of the unfilled university places available following A-level results day.

Stay calm. If you’ve missed out on your firm and insurance choice you’ll probably be feeling disappointed, but remember you’re not alone. In 2012 55,700 applicants (12 per cent of all university places) were placed through Clearing. Don’t be put off by the Clearing process, it’s much easier than you might think.

Clearing allows you to apply for any subject you like, as long as you have the passion to study it for three years or more. There may be some really good choices, which you may not have previously thought of. It’s merely a myth that courses in Clearing are undesirable. In fact many universities tactfully go into Clearing to attract students who may wish to apply later in the year.

You can find a list of all the courses available through Clearing at Birmingham City University immediately after A-level Results Day on 14 August 2014 on our website.

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Sophie Rowe

Sophie Rowe

Student Academic Mentor at Birmingham City University
Sophie Rowe

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