Holly-Leigh Luckman

Holly-Leigh Luckman

Holly-Leigh Luckman, Media and Communication student, starting in September 2013

I knew I wanted to have a future in media when I began studying the subject at GCSE level, I then carried on my studies in college where I was a student on a broad media course where I was able to study a range of different media modules.

I live in Birmingham but was hoping to move away and study Broadcast Journalism. I chose a range of different universities as my UCAS options but when researching into what each university had to offer, I came across Birmingham City University. They have a huge media department which caters for all different aspects in the media ranging from Radio and Television to PR and Event organisation – I looked in to this university more. Whilst having my heart set on West London, BCU was there as an option. I attended my interview for Public Relations, with my personal statement mentioning how much I wanted to present on the radio and write, I was asked by my interviewer “Is PR really for you Holly?” This questioned me, but made me realise that PR could open many doors for me in the future.

I loved the fact that Media and Communication courses at Birmingham City University let you choose other modules aside of your chosen specialism. I had a last minute career change and thought, yes… PR is what I want to do! (Phew, just in time before the UCAS deadline) but whilst specialising in PR I am really looking forward to being able to use the radio and television studios too. I recommend BCU to future students who want a career in any aspect of media but are worried that they will only have to focus on one, this is not the case!

I felt so comfortable after my interview knowing if PR wasn’t the career path I wanted to go down I could always change in the first week. I left my interview with a conditional offer and reviewed the situation over. I’m looking forward to starting in September and hopefully gaining not only a degree but many useful contacts too, as BCU will encourage and push me to meet clients and gain as many work experience placements as possible.

Welcome Week should be good as I have already met people on my course thanks to the Students’ Union at BCU for creating a page on Facebook! They have helped so many people meet others who are in exactly the same position and are nervous for starting university because they won’t know anyone. Whilst others who are living in halls have been able to socialise with others living in the same flat, this is always a kick start before moving in!

It’s always an advantage living half an hour away on the bus from my campus, I’m able to still live at home with my family and still be around my friends who I have known for many years. Commuting isn’t all that bad as others have made it out to be in the past!

“You’ll never gain independence”. This was always thrown at me, but this is not the case. I will gain independence but why move when you have a fantastic, brand-spanking new building with amazing media facilities 30 minutes from my home? I’m not the best cook either, so cooking for myself could have gone horribly wrong…


For more information on courses at Birmingham City University starting in September, call 0121 331 6777.

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