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One of the requirements of securing JISC funding to support this project was that we were to undertake and disseminate an initial ‘baseline’ review of our institutional curriculum design processes. We were aware that although we had procedures and processes described in institutional documentation, there was much of the lived experience of curriculum design which could not be found within such documents.

We therefore decided to undertake some interview work to allow academic staff, and others, to share their experiences of engaging in curriculum design and in turn to share these experiences with the wider community. We chose to video-record these interviews (where permission was given) and to offer selections of video data within this review document. This was, in part, to try to keep this review as engaging as possible but this choice was mainly influenced by the desire to offer authentic accounts without the additional veil of interpretation that may have resulted from methodologies which rely upon transcription based codings.

Interview data was gathered from a mixture of stakeholders – academics, academic managers, staff from academic registry and a student. All six faculties were represented, though not all of the interviews were captured on video.

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