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This web-based document constitutes our ‘baseline’ review of curriculum design processes at Birmingham City University. The review is based upon narrative accounts of staff at our institution at the outset of the JISC supported T-SPARC (Technology Supported Processes for Agile and Responsive Curricula) project.

The review is offered as a text document with embedded links to video clips used to illustrate our findings. The video clips can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail images or the associated hyper-linked text, the video clips have been transcribed and subtitled. The review is retrospective; it seeks to describe processes and mechanisms that characterise the starting point of the project. The review describes context rather than seeking to engage in work to develop new solutions. The primary purpose of the review is to share the ‘lived experience’ of conducting curriculum / programme design at Birmingham City University as told by stakeholders at the point of review (May 2009).

The rest of this document is divided into the following sections:



Findings and Observations


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