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Update on T-SPARCs VOXUR Unit Data Protection Act Statement

Data Protection Act 1998

The Project Team sought guidance from the Information Manager and his Deputy on writing a customised Data Protection Policy for use with the recently purchased VOXUR Units. After a discussion last week, the Information team have authored a bespoke policy that the team are extremely happy with. It captures the essence of what the project is trying to achieve through its stakeholder engagement activities, in a concise and comprehensible statement. After some discussion, we decided that a fairly generic approach to the statement would be beneficial, allowing us to re-purpose the statement for additional use with the Flip video cameras:

I, the user and stakeholder consent to my video contribution being used for the purpose of developing educational provision at Birmingham City University, subject to the statement below:

The University appreciates the input of respondents as stakeholders, who will thereby have enhanced opportunities for influencing the development of educational provision; video footage will be treated as the stakeholder’s personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act demands that such personal data will be held securely, solely for the purpose described above, and disposed of in a timely fashion (the University does, however, reserve the right to re-visit this data over a reasonably lengthy period as part of the exercise). The University may also share your video data with various other educational institutions (e.g. universities, Further Education institutions and JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee) so as to maximise the effect of your valued input.

The T-SPARC Project continues to become increasingly stakeholder focussed and we feel that the new Data Protection Policy emphasises this recurrent theme of the project.

One of the areas in which we wanted to emphasise clarity in was the ability to re-visit data in the future, ensuring we (the University) have the option to re analyse / evaluate video data collected during these exercises at a later date if deemed appropriate. This objective was satisfied as the statement gives the institution consent to re-visit the video data over a reasonably lengthy period of time, and the option to share video data with various other educational institutions (e.g. universities, Further Education institutions and JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee).

We have been assured the Information Team that this data protection statement falls well within the defined boundaries of the Data Protection Act 1998.

So… Next step………………………… Lets get recording!


VOXUR units and the Data Protection Act

This morning, the Project Team headed off for a meeting with the Information Manager and his Deputy to discuss the Data Protection Act (1998), and how we might interpret it whilst writing a bespoke Data Protection Policy for use with the recently purchased VOXUR units. The meeting highlighted some very interesting points, and also pitfalls.

  • Will a ‘one size fits all’ approach be appropriate, or will different groups of stakeholders require different policies?
  • How long will we be storing the video footage for?
  • What purposes may it be useful to use the data for in the future?
  • How will footage be moderated, and by whom?
  • Will staff moderate their own footage, and who would (if anyone) moderate this?
  • Will users (who set the questions and analyse the data) have to sign any documentation to inform them that they cannot edit the footage?

The more we discussed it, the more questions it seemed to raise, and the more solutions we had to generate. The Information Manager is now in the process of authoring a bespoke Data Protection Policy especially for the T-SPARC team to use in conjunction with the VOXUR units.

We are also hoping to re purpose the material that they produce for use with the Flip video cameras and SONY audio recorders. This will most likely take the form of a consent form / disclaimer.

Please leave comments / advice below if you’ve had any experience of writing Data Protection Policies for use with video recording equipment. Did you overlook anything in the early stages of development that you could warn us about?