Presenting at ALT-C and Ongoing Developing of the Rough Guide

Sonia Hendy-Isaac (Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement at BCU) from the project team presented at the ALT-C Conference on September 11th 2012. Following on from the previous blog post, below is some further commentary from Sonia on how the Rough Guide was received on its first public outing:

“The ALT-C conference was an interesting affair, and the challenge for myself and the other JISC funded projects (Ulster’s viewpoint cards and the OU’s OULDI frameworks) was engaging a room full of people who love technology; especially since all of our presentations focused on the humanisation of the curriculum design process and not necessarily the technology itself!

The Rough Guide had its first public outing and was well-received; there was significant interest in development of a WBL version of it. One of the key discussions in the mini break-out sessions focused on how to use the RG to improve institutional commitment to innovation in curriculum design through strong stakeholder engagement at inception, and the use of discussion to inform design and ways to evidence this. There was also much discussion about the size of the RG and the potential resistance to reading such a volume! I spent some discussing our approach to offer a two-page overview with the opportunity to delve beyond that and the use of the briefing days which introduce the RG within BCU. All in all, a fabulous event – wish I could have stayed longer to have continued the discussions and debates…still, there’s always next year!”