Go east young man

Well maybe not so young but I am going East, flying out on Saturday for my fourth trip to India in the last 13 months. I’ll be running some broadcast news production workshops in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. I’m really looking forward to it, largely because India is such an interesting place in terms of media and journalism…..as well as all the other things that make it such a fascinating country.

It’s a nation where the print media is strong and papers like The Hindu  have added extra editions in the last year. There are countless television stations and lots of speculation that the Government will allow radio stations to carry news. Mobile ‘phone penetration is good but growth in PC ownership is slow. All that means India has the opportunity to ‘manage’ the growth of electronic media in a way that didn’t happen in the west where the explosion online swept away circulation. How the future pans out in India will be well worth watching even if it may be too late for us to mlearn from it!

The other delight is the way young journalists and journalism students at places like the Asian College of Journalism, Anna University (Chennai) and Christ University (Bangalore) see their  role in the world’s biggest democracy.

I’m looking forward to working with more of them in the next week or so

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  1. Have a safe trip to India – amazing that a country so rife in my industry for top quality technologists has such a strong print media!

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