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Ben: Wed 17 Feb

Rehearsals are going really well since my last blog entry, and I feel that the show has moved up a level.  Keith is raising the bar in terms of standard, and the company is being encouraged to maintain the level of concentration, and improve the standard of the production in several different ways, to ensure that no detail is lost when we move into the theatre next week, which will itself bring new challenges as we deal with the technical side of the opera.

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Lucie: Sat 16 Jan

What a week. On Thursday morning we set one of my big numbers, the Chicago Gangster bit. It will be so cool and funny. I saw what my gangster costume will look like – it is super. Throughout the scene I have to keep going for bigger weapons: starting with a pocket gun, then going to a rifle, and ending up with a machine gun! Very Tarantino-like in a way, but I won’t give it all away here… All the little details in this scene will make it work so well. I love this song as well, the tune is very catchy and I can enjoy my low notes.  🙂

This afternoon we did the beginning scene with Mr and Mrs Jedermann. David Blake was here. It is such an incredible opportunity to work the composer himself… Continue reading Lucie: Sat 16 Jan

Lionel: Fri 15 Jan

We had a full week of intensive music rehearsals. It turns out that much of it is fun and easily memorable and some of it is rather challenging and difficult. And there is at least one number that is truly moving. Everyone worked hard and really a lot was achieved.

Now, this week, Keith Warner is with us, and the staging rehearsals are well under way. Together with Michael Barry and Ben Kennedy on the piano we are being inspired by Keith to high standards of commitment and sincerity in the acting, colours in the singing.

It’s going to be a great show!

Lucie: Wed 13 Jan

Oh my god, all this is actually happening! Today we had our first real  meeting with Keith Warner, Jeremy Daker and Nicky Shaw. Keith told us more about the opera and the ideas behind it: how he and David Blake wanted a blend of genres and styles, and what their references were when writing it.

Mock-up of the Scoring A Century set by Jeremy Daker
Mock-up of the Scoring A Century set by Jeremy Daker

Jeremy showed us the sets with a scale-model, and explained all the different changes corresponding to the various periods of the 20th century. The ideas are brilliant, and it already looked great on his ‘puppet’ stage. It helped a lot, to be able to start imagining what the stage will look like and the sort of space we will be moving in. There will be a lot to do between scenes to change the sets. There will be tracks crossing the stage and a real wagon will be wheeled on and off, like the passing of time, to carry the various sets. Very clever.

Then Nicky Shaw showed us a book with all her costume designs. It will just look fantastic. I am looking forward to wearing some of the outfits and seeing other people wear theirs as well…

Costume designs for 'Scoring A Century' (c) Nicky Shaw
Costume designs for 'Scoring A Century' (c) Nicky Shaw

After that, Keith staged the beginning of the first number with us…
There was so much energy, I think we were all very excited !! Some good jokes as well… What a start !

Tomorrow morning, 9 :45am : Rat-a-tat-tat ! Gangster number  🙂

It is just incredible. It now seems the auditions were such a long time ago. We have already been rehearsing for a while and Matt and I know the music by now… It is a fantastic feeling to see it happening now, after all the preparation we did before Christmas. So exhilarating. Roll on tomorrow morning.

Lucie: Thurs 7 Jan

Rehearsals started on Monday and I cannot believe how quickly it’s all going. The chorus already sounds fantastic and the group numbers will be very impressive, I think. The show trial especially, Land of Dreams, the big Medley at the end… well, all of it !

Lionel looks like he is really enjoying himself and the atmosphere is very relaxed, but focused at the same time, which is great – we don’t lose any time. Rehearsals are intense, but productive.  🙂

Keith Warner is coming next Wednesday… I cannot wait to meet him finally, and start working with him. It is a subtle mix of excitement and fear!

Lucie: Wed 16 Dec

Two rehearsals today: one in the morning with Matt, Shira and Hedd, and one this afternoon with the whole company. Busy day!  

Brilliant music! I hope people will like it as much as I do. The more I sing it, the more I like it!

This morning the rehearsal with the other Jedermanns went really well. Thank God for technology and my little recording machine: now I can listen to it over and over again and practise at home during the holidays. Some passages are very rhythmical, so I really need to get them right. We had to fit the four of us + Lionel in a tiny practice room, and Matt’s voice sounded huge in there. His part really suits him, he sounds fantastic. 

We had so much fun with the rap! Maybe our little improvised rehearsals backstage during the Opera Scenes helped 🙂

Lionel is very patient and kind to us, even when we get things wrong.

With the whole company this afternoon, we did the second act, with the Protest Songs, the Monetarist Dream and the final number. I was really impressed by how well some people can sight-read. It already sounds great, and I am looking forward to January.

The holidays will be very busy. Mmm… I will have to swallow my foie gras quickly and get back to work  🙂