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Francesca: Sat 27 Feb

It was both fascinating and thrilling to rehearse with the orchestra today. Obviously having no previous recordings to refer to, it was totally new to us all – and for me it suddenly brought the whole piece to life. Some bits were particularly affecting, for example David Blake’s breathtaking orchestration for ‘The Hostage’. The girls in it were fantastic too of course – as was everyone else. It’s great to be part of such a fantastic cast. Continue reading Francesca: Sat 27 Feb

Francesca: Fri 19 Feb

Not long to go now until the first performance and things are looking (and sounding) really good… I think now that the props have been brought into rehearsals, it suddenly feels a lot more real and it has increased the intensity and energy of everyone’s performance. I really hope the audience will enjoy watching it as much as we will enjoy performing it. Can’t wait to get into the theatre!!

Francesca Saracino

Ben: Wed 17 Feb

Rehearsals are going really well since my last blog entry, and I feel that the show has moved up a level.  Keith is raising the bar in terms of standard, and the company is being encouraged to maintain the level of concentration, and improve the standard of the production in several different ways, to ensure that no detail is lost when we move into the theatre next week, which will itself bring new challenges as we deal with the technical side of the opera.

Continue reading Ben: Wed 17 Feb

David Blake: Tues 16 Feb

I’m back in my rural retreat, surrounded by freshly dunged meadows. I’ve just fed the chickens. My thoughts are with everyone rehearsing in Birmingham and looking forward to being there again. Those three days last week were wonderful for me. I was very moved to see such a talented group of artistes working so hard and so willingly– and enjoying themselves. Lots of you have been very generous about the piece, both the music and the words. It’s great for me to have such total confidence in those ‘in charge’. Keith and Lionel are long-standing colleagues, but to have got to know Michael and Ben, two more geniuses, is a great pleasure.

It’s a bit tricky to admit to being moved by your own music… Continue reading David Blake: Tues 16 Feb

Matt: Wed 10 Feb

It’s all getting very exciting!! I felt like Jedermann became more a real person today after trying on the costumes. There are some exceptional little outfits involved!!
Rehearsal wise everything is heating up. It’s brilliant the detail you have to put into every word and phrase in the script, giving the words a certain colour and weight. Keith has been focussing on the rhythm of dialogue and I love when we get the scene bang on and hit every note. Continue reading Matt: Wed 10 Feb

Ben: Tues 9 Feb

I am really enjoying working on Scoring A Century. David Blake and Keith Warner have written an excellent piece, and I’m particularly enjoying the variety of musical styles and the humour in the dialogue!

The majority of my work on this production has been as repetiteur in the rehearsal room. The first week of the contract consisted of music rehearsals – either doing individual coaching with members of the cast, or playing for ensemble and chorus rehearsals taken by Lionel Friend. Continue reading Ben: Tues 9 Feb

Lucie: Sun 7 Feb

Time is flying by… In a month, we’ll be on stage.

The rehearsals are going really well. Keith keeps telling us about the rhythm and how important it is to keep the energy going throughout the scenes.

We are now in the middle of Act 2, and we have started working on the “Monetarist Dream” (80s). It is a huge number for the chorus. Keith and Michael devised very funny choreography! We started rehearsing this scene in the Conservatoire’s canteen (!) on Wednesday. Continue reading Lucie: Sun 7 Feb

Lucie: Wed 27 Jan

This morning we started working on the scene in the USSR. If we lose the rhythm in the dialogue, the energy drops, and then it’s difficult to bring it back, so we need to learn to focus constantly. This scene will be good though, Andrea will be great in her part, and it will be really funny.

Second World War in the afternoon. The whole sequence now flows really well, and it will be really powerful. There are some hit numbers in there too, Francesca’s in particular! It just calls for applause  🙂