Lucie: Sun 7 Feb

Time is flying by… In a month, we’ll be on stage.

The rehearsals are going really well. Keith keeps telling us about the rhythm and how important it is to keep the energy going throughout the scenes.

We are now in the middle of Act 2, and we have started working on the “Monetarist Dream” (80s). It is a huge number for the chorus. Keith and Michael devised very funny choreography! We started rehearsing this scene in the Conservatoire’s canteen (!) on Wednesday.

Things become slightly madder with every scene: the Jedermanns’ audition in the 70s will be quite… hmmm… interesting. On Friday, we also set the rap with Michael, and it had been a long time since I had laughed that much. I can often spot Ben having a giggle at the piano as well…

At the same time, I am learning so much. Keith has a great way of explaining the characters’ psychology, so that every move, every inflection of the voice that he asks for makes sense. I have to watch my accent, though, and work a lot on my English pronunciation, but everyone is very helpful about that. Lionel also often finds a way of giving us images so that we can associate the music and the moves, which makes things easier to remember.

Oh, and Berthold’s big scene – Henrik is simply hilarious in this number. Another hit! Roll on this week.