Our Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Environment, better known as TEE, have been busy the past few months putting on research events for its staff and students – one of which has proved particularly popular.


TEEPot is an informal research meeting taking place every fortnight, usually at Millennium Point. In each session a research student will make a short presentation about their work, their experiences, and the challenges they face.

(Images by Mohammed Mayouf, Ian McDonald and Salemeh Abu Rmeileh. From the PGRNet Facebook page)

Once finished they then pass on a ‘teapot’ to the next student, who will present a fortnight later.

At the moment presentations are by TEE research students, however any research student from any faculty can attend. It’s a great way to network and share experiences.

The next event is taking place tomorrow (22 January 2014) 1pm-2pm, MP382 with a presentation by Mohit Bhardwaj. If you would like to attend, or for more information, contact Ian McDonald.