CEBE Upcoming Research Seminars



Wednesday 14th June, 2pm

With Dr Mir Seyedebrahimi (Centre for Cloud Computing)

Radio Resource Management and Interference Control in Wireless Networks: Latest challenges, developments and future scopes

In spite of the enormous popularity of wireless-enabled devices in recent years, the utilization of their radio resources (e.g. RF spectrum, transmission power level etc.) has degraded due to the current dominancy of the decentralized radio resource management schemes. Few state of the art central control solutions are also applying the configurations in a way that the network-wide impacts of the involved parameters and their mutual relationships are ignored. In this seminar, we will talk about these challenges and the latest developments of the technology to tackle the problems (more specifically within the wireless networks and Wi-Fi). As an example, I’ll discuss my recent proposed analytical model and algorithm for jointly adjusting the transmission power levels and optimizing the RF channel assignment of APs in Wi-Fi. I’ll also talk about various stakeholders which are involved in deploying such a solution, the development process and the reason this kind of solutions are delayed and the scopes in the next generation of wireless networks.


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