CEBE Upcoming Research Seminars


Wednesday 22nd March, 1pm

With Dr Mohamed Kara-Mohamed (Centre for Advanced Systems Engineering)

Robotics: Research Trends and Future Horizons

Robotic applications are no longer restricted to the area of conventional robot systems represented by programmed mechanical arms or complete human-like systems designed to do routine tasks and take limited decisions. Robotics applications have extended to have a major and increasing impact on many aspects of our society. Furthermore, the field of robotics is an active research area with potential for development and enhancement in various perspectives.

This seminar will touch on the current position of robotics in industry and the trend of future research. The seminar will also investigate different issues related to the design, operation and control of robotics systems with a focus on the application side of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Wednesday 29th March, 1pm

With Dr Abdel-Rahman Tawil (Centre for Cyber Security)

Using Semantic Technology for Knowledge and Data Representation with Applications in the Healthcare Domain

The Web, as it stands today, primarily depends on human understanding and the interpretation of the vast information space it encompasses. However, the Web was originally designed with a goal to support not only human interaction, but also automated machine processing of data with minimal human intervention.

At the heart of Semantic Web is semantic representation and reasoning of data using ontologies and knowledge engineering. The talk will present an overview for the need for semantic technology and its application in:

– Capturing the semantics of Electronic Health Records (EHR) using a medical ontology as part of a project funded by the public health services in Wales for communicable disease surveillance;

– The use of sensor technology, ontology modelling and engineering for the detection, capturing and recognition of daily life activities (ADLs).


For more information and to book your place at any of the seminars please contact Ian McDonald.

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