Terrorism and cultural freedom conference – 7 June

Tuesday 7 June 2016 9.00am-6.00pm

Parkside Building, City Centre Campus

The first in a series of planned annual international conferences on topics of urgent social interest locally, nationally and globally, ‘Terrorism and Cultural Freedom’ assembles a group of world-leading commentators, scholars and artists to discuss the most pressing political and artistic concern of the world today.

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Join us on 7 June for an intensive discussion of the most critical political issue now facing the world and the future of culture within it. Though terrorism is associated currently with fundamentalism originating in the Middle East (and with the response of western nation-states to it) forms of violent action against states, countries, cultures, groups and individuals has a very long history. There is also, arguably, an equally long history of terrorism against citizens conducted by states themselves holding a monopoly of violence. Keynote speakers WJT Mitchell, Tariq Ali, Anthony Downey and Dima Saber will offer incisive accounts of the stakes in this crisis, examining both ‘terror’ as an idea and its complex relations to a range of cultural and artistic practices, both historical and contemporary.

In addition to these contributions, the conference will include shorter presentations concerned with cultural freedom in an age of global terrorism, related to music, art, fashion, media, the moving image, writing and theatre drawn from experts within Birmingham City University’s own arts, design and media research communities, and including historical and contemporary examples. These speakers are David Roberts, Andrew Kulman and Jonathan Day. In addition, Paula Barreiro-Lopez and Mathew Teti offer perspectives from Spain and the USA.

Birmingham City University provides a rich learning and research context in which to consider these issues. Universities are themselves implicated now in the state response to terrorism by western governments given UK ‘Prevent’ legislation. The conference will enable this matter.

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