Punk Now! The 2nd Annual Punk Scholars Network Conference and Postgraduate Symposium

Thursday 29 October, 9am-5.30pm and Friday 30 October 9am-5pm, The Shell, Parkside building, City Centre Campus

Following the dynamic emergence of punk in the UK, USA and Europe in the 1970s, the subculture spread widely. As punk and new wave gained commercial and critical success, together with an attractive notoriety, it soon began an ongoing journey around the globe – both as a product and as an ideology.

Punk, then, despite its omnipresence in contemporary underground and popular cultures, is clearly more than legacy music.

More than forty years after the proto-punk progenitors of Detroit and New York unconsciously launched an underground revolution, to continue what some of the 60’s and 70’s anarchic counter culture propagated, and after untold premature obituaries, it appears that punk – in terms of music, philosophy, and identity – remains in rude health.

This joint conference and postgraduate symposium seeks to illuminate the current landscape of contemporary punk in all of its global, musical, political and (sub)cultural manifestations.

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