The Postgraduate Research (PGR) Hub

A new, dedicated facility for research students has been opened at City North Campus.


The PGR (Postgraduate Research) Hub, based on the third floor of Baker Building, provides a number of resources for research students and their supervisors including room for flexible working, seminars and meetings, as well as a social space.

Research students from every part of the University will be able to make use of a variety of new equipment including desks, 25 PCs; 24 laptop docking stations with mice and keyboards, lockers, kitchen facilities and two separate rooms for meetings. In addition, there is a furnished seminar room for use as a teaching space.

The PGR Hub has been created as part of the University’s work to ensure that research students have access to improved resources until new research facilities become available at City Centre Campus and City South Campus from summer 2017.

Jane Farrow, Research Support Manager, commented: “We want to make sure that our postgraduate students have easy access to facilities that will really help them in their studies.┬áThe PGR Hub also provides a central location for lectures and seminars which will help to bring together research students from across the University.”

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