A mixed reality environment for live interactive presentation and performance


An innovative project by the Digital Media Technology (DMT) Lab at Birmingham City University is to be a part of the Interactivos? workshop and seminar programme, which is coming to the UK for the first time this June.

The project

The DMT project will act as a launchpad for artists, programmers and device builders to engage with an interactive mixed reality production system.

The real-time interaction system is an ongoing programme to build a new platform allowing an actor or performer to interact with virtual objects in real time, as if they were really there. Current systems rely on the performer to interact with a makeshift object in the place of where the virtual object would be, but the system being developed allows them to interact directly with the virtual object through a remote viewer.

During the workshop, possibilities for audience interaction will also be explored, either directly or even indirectly via social networking and mobile devices.

Interactivos? Birmingham

Interactivos? Birmingham is a UK based, two week international seminar and open innovation prototyping workshop taking place at mac Birmingham between 16-28 June 2014.  The Interactivos? model was conceived by Medialab-Prado as a hybrid between an innovation production workshop, seminar and exhibition showcase. It is a space for reflection, research, collaboration and creation, in which proposals selected by an international open call are developed, completed and displayed.

Six other projects will form the focus of the workshop, all based around the theme of ‘Responsive and Immersive Future Technologies’. The projects come from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria and Stevenage, UK.

There is currently an open call for collaborations with the workshops, more information on the event page.