New research stories

This week we’ve uploaded six new research stories from across disciplines; here’s a snapshot of each:

Criminal justice

David Wilson and Michael Brookes of the Centre for Applied Criminology (CAC) have worked with HMP Grendon for many years. The prison operates as a therapeutic community, and the applied research by Wilson and Brookes has uncovered valuable insights into the experiences of prisoners and staff. Read more


Global human rights

Jon Yorke of the Centre for American Legal Studies (CALS) talks about his research into the death penalty. The work has raised awareness of issues surrounding the death penalty and informed EU policy and legal organisations in the United States. Read more


Conservatoire Collection

The Conservatoire Collection is a commercially distributed software library of sampler instruments, which are based on Birmingham Conservatoire’s impressive Historical Instrument Collection.

The research carried out on the Collection has allowed its unique instruments to be used by the music production and media industries to create new sounds. Read more


Helping planners make decisions

The Centre for Environment and Society Research (CESR) has carried out research on the rural-urban fringe for many years. The team have developed tools such as RUFopoly and EATME tree to help make complex planning issues more accessible. Read more


Human rights in Jersey

Meryl Thomas of the School of Law was commissioned by the Jersey Community Relations Trust to investigate property law. Her research found that the existing laws were discriminatory and the findings led to changes in Jersey property law. Read more


Composing beyond concert practice

Through their award winning compositions and performances, composers at Birmingham Conservatoire have impacted compositional practice and curricula in Higher Education. Their work for the likes of the Cultural Olympiad, BBC and CNN has played a major role in bridging the gap between new music and mainstream culture. Read more