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Here is the latest news in the world of BCU Research.


The Research Community iCity pages are updated regularly for staff and students. The events listings will be particularly useful because they include more information than the externally-facing listings provided on this blog.

Pages of interest for Research Staff are:

And Research Students have their own section – the Postgraduate Research Network, otherwise known as PGRNet. It is updated regularly with the latest research events, relevant conferences and funding opportunities.

Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre creating replicas of Staffordshire Hoard

The team that produced fantastic replicas of the Cheapside Hoard using 3D scanning techniques are now at work on the Staffordshire Hoard, as featured in the Staffordshire Hoard blog last week. Below is our own Keith Adcock digitally capturing data using a 3D scanner.

We will track this project as it progresses; look out for further coverage on our Research Stories page in the coming months.

TEE research double header

Our TEE faculty will be holding research events on On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 February:

Wednesday 26 Feb: Should Researchers Get Emotional? With Prof Mark Reed, 12pm-1.30pm

Thursday 27 Feb: Network for the Arts: The Role of Research and Education Networks in the Arts and Humanities with Domenico Vicinanza, DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe), Cambridge, UK.

Find out more on our iCity community events page.

Also, on Thursday 6 March TEE will also hold TEEPot, a fortnightly informal research gathering for research students. Find out more on the PGRNet page and take a look at their Facebook Group for more news of use to our research students.

School of Media events

Next Wednesday (5 March) is the fortnightly BCMCR Research Seminar; we are pleased to welcome:

  • Dr Ieuan Franklin – Research Assistant, Channel 4 and British Film Culture Project
  • Dr Justin Smith – Reader in British Culture, University of Portsmouth
  • Prof George McKay, University of Salford

Ieuan and Justin will present We Need To Talk About Subsidy: Television and the UK Film Industry.

George will present Shakin’ All Over: Popular Music and Disability. 

For more information visit the eventbrite page.

On Thursday 20 March Prof Tim Crook (pictured below) will be giving his inaugural lecture as Visiting Professor at the Birmingham School of Media.

timcrook_HTim will present: ‘The investigative journalist and academic researcher – The Praxis Convivencia: family history, espionage and war.’  Find out more on iCity.

Don’t forget, next week is also Climate Change Week, during which there will be some interesting events held at Millennium Point.


Thanks to Annette Naudin for retweeting this and bringing it to my attention. Thought I would share:

What scientists say in research papers vs what they actually mean

Image from @FGoria on Twitter

Climate challenge conference and exhibition – 3 & 4 March


March 3 will be see the launch of the UK’s fourth Climate Week. This is one of Britain’s biggest climate change campaigns and aims to highlight activities across the nation’s workplaces, schools, communities and councils which contribute to climate change action.

As part of climate week, Birmingham City University in partnership with Climate Change Solutions and other regional organisations will be running a two day conference and exhibition at Millennium Point.  The conference boasts a programme of high profile speakers from the UK, China and Europe, and the exhibition and poster display will showcase cutting edge technology and research & development.

TEE will sponsor members of staff and researchers who would like to attend. Please contact Lynsey Melville for further details.

Please register at the Climate Change Solutions website before 24 February to ensure your place.

Download the flyer (PDF).

Research Update: professorial inaugural lectures, events and other news

Faculty research newsletters

ELSS, TEE and Faculty of Health have all published their latest Faculty research newsletters. All include news, events and funding opportunities which you may not find anywhere else.

Download them from the Research Community page on iCity (BCU staff and students only).

Festival of Imagination at Selfridges

Research staff and students, particularly from BIAD, have been involved in events for Selfridges Festival of Imagination, which began on Wednesday 5 February and will end on Sunday 23 February, with all events taking place at Selfridges in Birmingham.

The festival was kicked off with a series of ‘lightning talks’ by artists and designers, three of which are current research students with BIAD: artist Grace Williams, horologist Rebecca Struthers and artist Jacqueline Taylor.

There will be more research students involved in this week’s lightning talks – Greg Dunn and Luke Nagle on Thursday 13th. Also taking place on Thursday is a research seminar by Professor Johnny Golding of CFAR on ‘Urban Alchemy’ at 4.30pm. Here’s what to expect:

In the 17th century, alchemy embodied the imaginative hinge between science, philosophy and architecture. Join Professor Johnny Golding and the CFAR Researchers on a magical experiment into contemporary urban space.

To book your place for this and for any other events, email

DISCOVER UK Forum: Technologies for Care 18 March

The Faculty of Health are involved in the DISCOVER Skills for Carers project, and an event will be held on the 18 March to spark discussion on issues surrounding ICT related skills and training for carers.

The DISCOVER project aims to make digital technology more accessible for carers and those receiving care, and BCU is a key technical partner in the project.

Anyone interested in the project and the issues of digital technologies in care should attend. For more information and to book download the flyer (PDF). The event will take place in Birmingham, location TBC.

Professorial Inaugural Lectures

Two more dates for the diary:

Wednesday 19 February: Professor Johnny Golding: ’Ecce Homo Sexual: Eros and Ontology in the Age of Incompleteness & Entanglement’. 5.30pm, Parkside Lecture Theatre.

Thursday 29 May: Professor Mark Reed: Unearthing Britain’s Hidden Landscape’. 4.00pm, Parkside Lecture Theatre. Email Ian McDonald for more information and if you would like to attend.

More lectures and events will be announced on this blog and on Twitter.

BIAD Professorial Inaugural Lecture: Johnny Golding, Wednesday 19 Feb

Wednesday 19 February, 5.30pm, Parkside Lecture Theatre

Professor Johnny Golding: ‘Ecce Homo Sexual: Eros and Ontology in the Age of Incompleteness & Entanglement’

Johnny Golding Inaugural Lecture Poster

Nietzsche’s iconic Ecce Homo: (How one becomes what one is) maps out the answer by taking the reader on a rumination between paradox, irony and event. With chapter headings such as ‘Why I am so Wise’ or ‘Why I Write such Good Books’ or ‘Why I am Destiny’, one begins to breathe in the method, the madness, the sheer intelligence of it all. Whatever else may be being said in that text and others, one thing is certain: a sustained, critical, well-directed attack on metaphysics – as idealism, dialectical logic, universalism, identity politics, morality and a whole host of other paradigmatic strictures – is necessarily, urgently, launched.

Scroll forward more than 100 years since Nietzsche’s publication, and, coupled with the profound advances in socio-cultural norms from civil rights to feminism to gender inventions and stylistics of existence, as well as profound advances in physics, from the quanta, entanglement to Higgs Boson; in mathematics, from recursive algorithmic geometries to fractal imaginaries; in technology and new media from the computer to robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality – it almost beggars belief that at least in the aesthetic-politico-philosophic arena, one finds a steady crawl, and most recently, an electrified sprint, back to metaphysics, identity politics, speculative object-oriented philosophy and a thinly disguised incorporation of onto-theological predispositions that would make even Heidegger weep in disbelief.

This Professorial Inaugural lecture sets out to examine the problems of this (re-)turn to Hegelian metaphysics  in light of Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo – coupled with the erotic, the sensual, and indeed, the networked algorithmic ‘age’ – in order to propose a rather different move. May have to dust off copies of Marx’s Poverty of Philosophy and Benjamin’s Arcades along the way.

Drinks and canapés will be served following the lecture.

Booking is essential. To attend please contact Yanyan Wang by email.