Researching Life in Birmingham seminar

On Tuesday 14 January researchers from across the University gathered to share research they have done in, or about, Birmingham. The purpose of the small seminar was to discuss possible crossover between disciplines and begin to develop a shared knowledge base. This is the beginning of an ongoing project to raise visibility of such research, and open up further avenues for cross-disciplinary work.

The presentations illustrate the diversity of the research taking place; all are available to download below (in PDF).

Peter Larkham (Technology, Enginnering & Environment (TEE)) – The post-war rebuilding of Birmingham

Steve McCabe (Business School) – Exploring the traditions of immigrant workers in Birmingham

Beck Collins (TEE) – Renewable energy projects

Paula McGee (Health) – Irish mental health in Birmingham

Fatemeh Rabiee-Khan (Health) – Redressing health inequality

Richard Hatcher (Education, Law & Social Sciences) – The new Birmingham Education Partnership

Annette Naudin (Performance, Media & English) – Birmingham as a creative city: a milieu for learning

There was also a verbal presentation from Martin Glynn, who recently completed his doctorate with BCU. His presentation was titled ‘Reflecting the city using urban ethnography’.

Look out for more news items and features as the project progresses.