Research News – 6 August

School of English Lecturer Publishes New Book

Dr Serena Trowbridge of the School of English had her new book published last week. Christina Rossetti’s Gothic is based on Serena’s PhD research and examines the poetry of Christina Rossetti and its gothic forms.


Picture from the Culture and Anarchy blog

Serena explains more about the book on her Culture and Anarchy blog.

New Online Resource Created for Literary Theory

Serena has also launched The Virtual Theorist, a new resource to assist students that are studying literary theory. It offers ideas and examples of literary theory to help students to apply it to their own criticism. The website is peer reviewed and includes contributions from academics from institutions around the UK.

The Virtual Theorist

PhD Viva Notes

Early career researchers may find these viva notes useful, kindly shared by our former Criminology researcher Laura Caulfield on Twitter.

And Finally…

Last week I came across this – Understanding How Academics Work: a Summer Crash Course. Here are some excerpts:

Academics (or wizards) do not work regular hours – actually they don’t know when the working day starts or finishes.

Wizards don’t like sitting at desks and have forgotten about landlines.  As you’ll have gathered they are happiest working anywhere else apart from in the office, especially if it involves going to a conference and using mobile devices.

Do you agree?

Can you think of any more?


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