Shining Light: the development of a new curriculum in theatrical lighting

Research Description

This research proposal relates to the development of a new curriculum in theatrical lighting.  The researcher has previously worked as a lighting engineer in the theatre, and is now the programme leader on an established undergraduate programme.

The present curriculum has been accepted for many years, and is widely adopted in higher education institutions.  It is, however, a subject that is taught in only a small number of institutions.  The researcher has argued that there are two reasons for developing a new curriculum:

  • the curriculum no longer truly reflects the practice of theatrical lighting, which is now more creative and innovative
  • the curriculum would benefit from a closer integration with a range of theoretical ideas, for example, those of cultural theory.

The proposed research question is:

  • Can other areas contribute to the theatrical lighting curriculum?

Research will initially focus on theoretical aspects, but will then progress to analysis of the present curriculum, and recommendations for improvement.  This will involve assessment of the curriculum generally, and also individual programmes.  Research methods will include observation of other programmes, interviews with other programme leaders, and possibly interviews with students – both the researcher’s own and those of other programmes.

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