Researcher Education and Development (RED) is a framework that supports our research students and early career researchers in their academic and professional development. It provides a range of resources that are adaptable to individual needs and offer a flexible approach to learning. BIAD has a long history of research training, as well as one of the largest doctoral cohorts in art and design, and RED extends this to cover all aspects of researcher development. As well as traditional training in research methods and approaches, we also cover professional and personal development, engagement with the public, and ethical issues in research. The emphasis is on the sharing of good practice, with training delivered by experts in their field from within the Faculty and, through our Summer School and other events, from external specialists/authorities.

RED adopts a case study approach that stresses practical experience. While this approach is widely used in disciplines such as business and law, it has not traditionally been used in art and design; yet it provides a rich basis for the development of skills such as problem-solving and decision-making and brings to life, through their practical application, theoretical models and abstract concepts that are often difficult to grasp. The case studies are designed to be delivered in-house as workshops, but are also available for individual study on our RED website (under construction).

Case examples are drawn from real life experience, based on researchers’ accounts of real research projects, many of which are the result of dedicated programmes. They provide a narrative and discuss the concerns that need to be addressed; these might be methodological, ethical or involve conflicting issues.


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