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Hello All,

Jean, Anita and I hope that the academic year has started well for you all. Don’t forget to use this blog as a way of keeping in touch with each other and us about your teaching. It is always going to be of interest to know what ideas you are exploring with your pupils and colleagues. If you aren’t teaching yet, keep an eye on the blog for interesting opportunities that you can take advantage of while you are looking for a post.

Check out the New Art Gallery Walsall website for information on the work that Bob and Roberta Smith has done in the Epstein Archive. here’s the link
Bob and Roberta Smith’s work here has a lot of educational potential in terms of unlocking meaning in older art works.

Contact Emma Burill at Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries Collections Centre for information about the Teachers’ Forums that she is running. You can contact Amy at

Do you remember the residencies that we mentioned that Angela Tombs is running at Wolverhampton Art Gallery? Contact Angela to find out what is happening with these this term. You can contact Angela at

lastly, if you ahvn’t already joined the NSEAD, I recommend doing so asap! There’s always lots going on in their Newsletters, AD Magazine and iJADE Journal.

I’ll be in touch again soon, and it would be great to hear what you are up to as well.

PC (sent through Jean’s blog)

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