Reminiscing over Reich …


After months of preparation and organisation, it is time to say fair well to the Reich exhibition! To celebrate the exhibition that has been displayed in the Parkside Gallery for the last few weeks, we have captured some of our favourite Reich pieces  for those of you that missed the terrific exhibition:

DSC_0595editDSC_0657edit (1)DSC_0610edit DSC_0613edit FullSizeRender (1)The Parkside Gallery hopes you enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did, but we are just as excited about the BCU in Pictures exhibition coming to the University on the 8 June 2015!

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Parkside Gallery’s Tibor Reich Exhibition Makes Family Proud

When launching the exhibition that celebrates Tibor Reich’s work at Birmingham City University’s Parkside Gallery, many were excited about the pieces that were about to be unveiled at the first stop of the ‘Tibor’ tour.

The private viewing of the exhibition that took place on the 21 April 2015, welcomed the general public and special guests such as Sam Reich; the person behind the 2016 re-launch of the brand ‘Tibor’ and also grandson of the former textile designer. Amongst the crowd were also three of Reich’s children, including the second from youngest Linda Fraser.

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[Sam Reich giving a speech at the private view]

Travelling from London to see the exhibition for the first time proved to be an insightful experience for Linda, as she had never seen a majority of the drawings – simply because of the volume in the collection.

“I was completely blown away by the exhibition, I thought the exhibition was very well chosen and displayed the work beautifully.

“It made me feel incredibly proud, I just love being with people who adore my Dad’s work, it gives me a real kick!”


Reich is described by his children as creating a ‘wonderful and creative atmosphere at home’ that infused and inspired them all as individuals. “As children we were always drawing and there were always ‘fans’ of my father’s work visiting; including celebrities like John Boynton Priestley, Roy Dotrice, Sam Wanamaker and Dave Allen.

“My father also had a lot of creative family friends who would help him branch out his ideas to other media products.”

One memorable visitor who made an appearance at the Stratford family home and caused quite a stir amongst the street – was a Lotus Car designer. The designer wanted Reich to design the seating material for one of his new models and therefore, turned up in a prototype of the car he had designed.

The Parkside exhibition has a variety of Reich’s work on display but a favourite of Reich’s daughter Linda, were the architectural drawings.

“I loved the drawings of what he wanted our house in Stratford to look like, as they were so true to what it did end up looking like.”

The exhibition has received a lot of attention across Instagram, with a lot of admiration for the work selected.


“Seeing how much people love and admire my fathers work makes us as his children, honoured and enthusiastic about the plans for ‘Tibor.’ The aim is to share with the public, creative or not, Dad’s vision and work and hopefully inspire even more people.”