The Spotlight: Helen Foot and her handwoven scarves

Helen Foot designs, image courtesy of Julia Nottingham.

Helen Foot designs, image courtesy of Julia Nottingham.

The latest exhibition to grace the Parkside Gallery, ‘Textiles&….’ provides a culmination of all things textiles, focusing on two contrasting themes – textiles & product and textiles & memory, featuring the outcomes of personal journeys.

The exhibition displays pieces from various renowned designers all addressing different themes, evoking contrasting feelings and emotions. Some of the work on show includes the collection of handwoven scarves by Helen Foot.

About Helen

Helen was educated at the Royal College of Art where she undertook a master’s degree in woven textiles. From this Helen went on to occupy the role of studio manager for scarf designer Wallace and Sewell in Islington, London.

The display

The products on display reflect how Helen predominantly works with natural fibres, wool, cotton and cashmere, and includes two lines of handwoven scarves with examples from all of Helen’s collections. Helen said:

“I hope that the playful, fun nature of the products is really delivered to visitors of the exhibition, I would like to think that my products on display portray a sense of happiness and light. I feel this work on show really does break out of tradition, especially with the new collection.”

The collections

New scarf collections are now produced roughly every two years by Helen, with all products being handwoven from start to finish. Current collections include the ‘Festival Collection’; inspired by the Festival of Britain, including 1950s colour palettes, ‘The Regal Collection’; a lightweight set of summer themed scarves made from 100% cotton and demonstrating bold sharp stripes, and finally the ‘Canvas Collection’; knitting and weaving using French knit tubing.

To find out more about the products that will be on display within ‘Textiles &….’ visit  Helen’s official website.

For Those That Didn’t Experience Moog Soundlab…

Birmingham’s Supersonic Festival teamed up with the brilliant Moog Sound Lab to host a four-week artist residency at Birmingham City University’s Parkside campus.

Musicians were able to experiment and compose with analog sound-scaping, synthesis and effects using the iconic synth of these revered instruments.

Brighton-based producer, composer and artist Elizabeth Bernholz or Gazelle Twin was one of the artists to let loose in the Moog Sound Lab with a hooded accomplice. Click here to watch the performance.

Composer, sound historian, roboticist, and theremin genius Sarah Angliss was also one of the artists experimenting in the Moog Sound Lab. Watch Angliss pull music out of thin air in the video here.

The Moog Sound Lab also featured the Birmingham duo – Free School who are local purveyors of silky disco, with a cosmic twist. Watch their performance here.