Upcoming costume exhibition to place Birmingham ‘on an international stage’

Cabinets of Costume

Cabinets of Costume

‘Cabinets of Costume’ has been curated by Louise Chapman, Pathway Leader and Lecturer in BA (Hons) Design for Performance, who has been supported by co-curator and BA (Hons) Jewellery and Objects Course Director Zoe Robertson.

The exhibition, running from May 9 until June 2, will showcase the BIAD Archive focusing on costumes within the institution since the 1880s, featuring work form alumni over the last 90 years.

Combining fashion and theatre

Fashion and theatre design will be combined to introduce the historical and contemporary context of costume to audiences including students, staff across the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, the wider University research community and the general public.

The exhibition also includes the ‘Culture of Costume Conference’, which is scheduled to take place between May 10 and 14.

Exhibition themes

The overarching theme of the conference is costume as it relates, responds to and influences culture. This will include themes exploring areas such as costume and material culture, costume adornment and costume archiving, as well as many more. Louise Chapman said:

“With costume as an emerging area of research, the exhibition offers the opportunity to place Birmingham as a significant contributor on an international stage. In contrast to the preconceived ways of exhibition costume, we propose to offer a fun, interactive approach to encourage greater engagement from a broader audience.”

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