New Designers 2016 show, as it happened

The New Designers exhibition show is held every year and is a great opportunity for the arts and design community to come together and show their ideas.

Birmingham City University sent four groups of graduates to this year’s New Designers show. This included the school of Architecture and Design, Jewellery, Visual Communication and Fashion and Textiles.

Over the course of the two weeks the various BCU graduates showcased their work and ideas, networked and even won some highly coveted awards.


The experience overall from the students and the faculty has been great and also an important step in the development of the students and connecting with others.


Many of the students found this connection along with viewing others works to serve as an inspiration for their own future projects.

You can see more of the student’s content via twitter @BCU_Arts or on Facebook page.

You can see more  of the students content @BCU_Arts or on our Facebook page.

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