5 jewellers moving beyond the boundaries of jewellery design

Parkside Gallery’s latest exhibition flockOmania2 has been attracting a lot of curious interest, as the work of creator Zoe Robertson along with other artists and performers pushes the boundaries of jewellery design.

  1. Di Mainstone : Di Mainstone has garnered international recognition for her work within creating sonic sculptures that extend from the body and trigger sound. Di has been featured within the New York Times and acquired critical acclaim for projects such as the Human Harp Project. Utilising sound and technology and creating wearable sonic instruments. Di has pioneered “body-centric design” and is considered as part of a new generation of visionaries.

12. Zoe Robertson: An award winning jewellery artist, Zoe is pushing jewellery into the fields of performance, sound, and dance. By designing using unconventional materials, her work not only explores the boundaries of what jewellery is perceived to be, but also initiates a visual language for audiences. Her pieces convey key themes such as body extension, movement and dual wearability in immersive environments, which invite audience interaction and participation. Zoe is constantly planning new shows and collaborative works.


3. Michelle Jessop : Michelle is researching further into art–led contemporary jewellery that goes from being just a physical object and instead becomes a form of language. Her focus is on relational strategies that evoke a sensory response or trigger a memory from the audience. This is further expanded through the use of digital media, social interactions and exploring the role of viewers in gallery spaces.


4. Katrin Spranger : Focuses her work on the future depletion of natural materials and combines this with time-based interactive jewellery. This allows for the creation of stories that comment on consumer culture, environment and science fiction that touches upon several disciplines like fashion, food, photography, performance and installations.


5. Noam Ben-Jacov: A former jewellery design student at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Noam has been discovering broader perspectives through jewellert experimentation. This has resulted in him uncovering and developing his own unique language and style, revolving his works around the human body and drawing upon the mental and physical elements combined with the space, expanding on potential restrictions. Noam considers that “The human, is both ‘viewer & participant’ at the same time on the one hand he is the center (participant) of the ‘unit’; on the other hand, he is also the viewer, looking on events…”.


flockOmania2 and the symposium are testament to pushing and exploring the boundaries of Jewellery design. The collaborative relationship with dance artists Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris also make this abstract experimentation possible through tailored chorography that matches the vision of the designers, creators and artists. It is expected that design, wearable technology and art, along with interaction will become a more prominent focus for contemporary discussion. These very discussions will show how new stories can be created when exploring beyond conventional and potentially rigid boundaries.  



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