New exhibition: Textiles & ..

Image courtesy of Kate Farley.

Image courtesy of Kate Farley.


Now that winter is coming and as the nights are drawing in, we have a great exhibition on November 23 to keep you warm. The ‘Textiles &’ show presents a collection of fabrics to warm even the iciest of days.

The focus

The exhibition focuses on two contrasting themes – textiles & product and textiles & memory, featuring the outcomes of personal journeys. This ranges from concept through design development to retail product outcomes and personal emotive expressions of significant social issues. Marlene Little, Curator of the exhibition said: 

“Textiles could be considered synonymous with ubiquity – such an essential part of everyday life there is a risk of being overlooked, taken for granted.   But place textiles &  ..… at the centre of a mind map and the exponential growth of the diversity of possibilities is astounding.”  

The work is a reminder of the diversity, significance and value the term ‘textiles’ can embrace.

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